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Friday, August 05, 2016

BSAA issues rule book on 6th Season league

TAGBILARAN CITY, August 4 (PIA)--Over sports leagues tainted by the usual misrepresentation of players, fraudulent records, unethical conduct and game fixing, the Bohol Schools Athletic Association (BSAA) puts up harsh penalties to snowball the new direction in Bohol's search for its best athletes. 

While there indeed are potential athletes in Bohol, many of them could not get into the major leagues because some unscrupulous team managers and coaches cheat to field in athletes who misrepresent, fake their ages or doctor records to make it appear that the over-aged are eligible, coaches at major Bohol leagues admit. 

It has been a constant irritant for team managers participating in Bohol leagues the collusion of team coaches, managers and players to treat birth records or simply misrepresent so the best but not qualified athletes are fielded in games and enjoy the edge, BSAA, churns out its rule book, the only one in local leagues. 
BSAA, a gathering of private and a public school in Bohol is opening up its 6th season of inter-school basketball, volleyball and swimming games this Friday, August 5 at the University of Bohol Gymnasium and running through October 15. 

BSAA attempts to solve the problem of heated games ending in physical melees in the finals, said BSAA president and Vice Governor Dionisio Balite. 

We used to have interschool tournaments, but it was tough to finish the leagues, it becomes messy, Balite, who had his school Bohol Institute of Technology in most games then. 

Many see the absence of clear-cut rules and laid down policies in sports leagues and the capacity to implement sanctions as the total failure to keep players and teams in line. 

With BSAA, any member of the team involved in arranging or making fraudulent school records, tampering with documents, game fixing, betting on games, gets the team banned in the tou games and succeeding tournaments. 

Players who sport unsportsmanlike conduct like intimidating, threatening and intentionally harming a player, coach or staff, walking out of a game, or a game delay can cause a coach a ban for life, fines for players and community service. 

At BSAA, any athlete, coach or staff joining a melee gets banned for the whole season, ejected players also lose chance of playing for the team's next scheduled games, and a suspended player or coach outright loses his chance of playing or coaching for the BSAA All star representation, according to the rule book. 

And, yes, in the interest of proper modeling for the young, BSAA players can not play if he has colored hair, tomahawk hairdo or wears a ponytail. 

Already carving a name in Bohol's sports leagues as that which has not resolved a controversy, BSAA officers have also considerably increased chances of Boholano athletes in regional events. 

Last year, Bohol PRISAA team composed of BSAA players fought for the championship, the first time after years, said Achilles Amores, BSAA sports commissioner. 

Now, we are slowly regaining the respect of regional players, not that we are bullies but we play fair and bond as a team, Amores continued. 

The new breed of Boholano players play at the 6th season which also brings the games to the towns outside of Tagbilaran, which has been the usual venue for these games. (rac/PIA-7/Bohol)

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