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Monday, August 01, 2016

Cops account for 30,297 Bohol drug personalities

TAGBILARAN CITY, July 31 (PIA)–-From July 1 to 29, Bohol police authorities have processed 30, 287 drug personalities from its 47 towns and a city, a figure that was still expected to rise with two more days in their calendar.

PSSupt Felipe Natividad, who was to peg his second week as Bohol Police provincial director, reported this at the Provincial Peace and Order Council (PPOC) meeting at the Governor’s Mansion Friday.

PSSupt Natividad, who in his statements committed to make Bohol as the first province to be declared drug-free, said the above figure came after Bohol police succeeded in making peaceful visits to the houses of known personalities to plead for them to stop using illegal drugs or permanently stop pushing.

Of the number which Camp Dagohoy, Bohol Police Provincial Office and headquarters released, most of those who surrendered voluntarily admitted to drug use, which reached 29, 108.
Another 1,179 of those who made themselves available for the local police also admitted pushing illegal drugs at least once and then gotten hooked.

But while this much voluntarily surrendered to authorities, not a few have been killed for fighting back during police operations.

Last July 4, a key drug personality operating in Talibon and Ubay still continued on with his trade until he pushed for a police poseur buyer.

Sensing police in the area, the suspect drew his gun but the police was even quicker. Suspect Mario Ramos died on the spot in Tapon Ubay.

On July 6, Teofanes Mijos Jr. was also selling drugs to a poseur buyer in Panglao, met the bullet and his untimely death when he fought back.

On June 12, Loon Police station caught up with Conchito Escabas, while extending packed drugs to a police officer in Loon, realized his mistake too late and decided to draw his fire arm, too late.

A week later, Buenavista Police neutralized an alleged drug pusher and gun for hire Florante Aparece.

And then by July 25, Eldrin Ejada had the Police Investigation Bureau and Special Operations Group working to get him. He finished the day as a cadaver.

Also, by July 25, surrenderers: Jack Ceñal and Jose Anthony Bonggot of Clarin Bohol slid back and negated their promise to stay off drugs, which now led to their capture instead. Both are in police custody.

In Dagohoy Police Station, surrenderer Roberto Bumaya secretly returned to selling illegal drugs and was collared instead.

A few days ago, Getafe Police station operated against Joel Suello, who reportedly slid back to the drug industry and was operated upon instead. (rac/PIA-7/Bohol)

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