August 18, 2017: *** The National Grid Corp. of the Philippines (NGCP) is now faced with the problem of looking for usable areas to hold transmission lines that would link the power barge in Tapal Wharf in Ubay town to a substation in Barangay Emelda of the same town. ***The City Government of Tagbilaran is set to sign a memorandum of agreement with BFAR for a multi-million peso livelihood project intended to uplift the living conditions of the fisherfolk. ***47th Infantry Battalion Commanding Officer, Lt. Col. Joel Malig said units under him are currently undergoing intensified intelligence operations along with other allied units to confirm the reports on sightings of armed men in Bohol. *** LGU Pilar's program, "Productivity Improvement thru landcare and Agriculture Resource Development and Management"(Pilar Dam) landed in the top 20 in Taking Look 2017. *** LGU Panglao got third place (3rd-6th class municipalities) in Infrastructure during the 5th Regional Competitiveness Summit held at PICC recently. ***LGU Panglao's entry program "A Purok-Based Approach in Basic Education Reforms/Turo-Turismo: Strengthening Partnership and Industry Linkage for Effective K-12 Implementation is among the 20 finalist of the Galing Pook Awards 2017. ***The towns of Panglao and Pilar are among the 20 finalists in the yearly search for Galing Pook Awards 2017. *** The National Food Authority in Bohol said prices of rice in the province have been on an uptrend since last week reaching an increase of up to P5 per kilo. *** A man listed in the Bohol Provincial Police Office drug watch list was caught last night with drugs weighed 80 grams with estimated street value of P993,000.

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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

24 VMs bid for May reelection

TAGBILARAN CITY, February 16, (PIA)—It is 50-50, and half of Bohol's 48 vice mayors bid for a reelection and a fresh mandate while another half of the remaining towns would be electing new legislative heads, this coming May 9. 

Most of the vice mayors of Bohol first district, that is 10 out of 15, gun for reelection while electors from 5 towns would be choosing new second highest official, according to records obtained from the local Commission on Elections (COMELEC).

It is 8 vice mayors of the second district needing a fresher mandate, while the remaining 6 would be known as Boholanos on the district elect for their local legislative heads. Bohol District 3 has 14 towns under it. 

With the biggest composition of towns in Bohol's third District, only 6 of the 19 vice mayoralty seats are contested by incumbents aiming for re-election; the 13 seats left are free-for all the new bets.
For reelection in Bohol's first district vice mayors are Alburquerque's Cayetano Doria Jr. (LP), Dauis' Luciano Bongalos (LP), Panglao's Pedro Fuertes (LP), Tagbilaran City's Jose Antonio Veloso (LP), Corella's Maria Asuncion Daquio (UNA).

While Doria is a sure winner without any opposition in Alburquerque, it is different in Dauis. Bongalos will have to vote-slug it out with Pacifico Branzuela (independent) and Reynaldo Yana (PDP Laban). For Panglaom VM Fuertes meets former mayor Benedicto Alcala (Ind) for the legislative seat, while Tagbilaran City's VM Veloso will have to prove superiority against Alfred Hontanosas (Ind). 

In Corella, VM Daquio will be challenged by independent candidate Nicanor Lumain and Vanessa Macarayan (PDP Laban) as Sikatuna's Manigo meets Silverio Palgan (UNA). For Balilihan, VM Asilo will struggle against Adonis Roy Olalo (Ind) while Catigbian's VM Lacea will have former VM Necitas Digaum (Ind) before his reelection. 

Tubigon's VM Virgilio Fortich (LP) meets UNAs Everardeen Flores and Antequera's Simeon Leo Jadulco (LP) will meet Lanibel Labado (PDP Laban) 

Meanwhile in Baclayon, it would be a fresh start duel for both Romulo Balangkig (NP) and Judith Israel (LP), and in Cortes, former mayor Romeo Labor (LP) will face Leo Pabotoy (PMP); Calape will witness a fight between Rolda Damalerio (UNA) and former mayor Sulpicio Yu (LP); Loon to have former mayor Lloyd Peter Lopez (LP) against Wilfredo Caresosa (Ind) abd Maribojoc's Andread Pohl (NP) meets former mayor Jose Veloso (LP). 

For the second district, up for reelection bids are Clarin's VM Velden Aparicio (LP), Inabanga's Rodrigo Jumamoy (LP), Buenavista's Dave Duallo (UNA), Getafe's Eduardo Torremocha (UNA) and Bien Unido's Rene Borenada (NPC), Ubay's Nelson Uy (LP), Dagohoy's Andres Ampoloquio (LP) and Sagbayan's Charito Lao (LP).

As Clarin VM Aparicio gets a sure win without any other candidate, Inabanga's Jumamoy meets David Perejan (UNA) as Buenavista's VM Duallo has Agustin Estorgio (LP) contesting. Getafe's VM Torremocha also meets Dennis Torrenueva (LP) while Bien Unido's VM Borenaga faces off with Bernardino Garcia and former VM Petronilo Justiniane. 

In the third district, up for reelection are Candijay's Jesse Sales (LP), Jagna's Bonifacio Virtudes Jr., (LP), Garcia Hernandez' Lito Dajalos (LP), Loboc's Pablio Sumampong (PDP Laban), and Sevilla's Maria Elena Dagaang (LP) and Bilar's Arnold Calamba (LP). 

Candijay's VM Sales meets independent Rober Olaer, Jagna's VM Virtudes is challenged by Cesario Cagulada (LDP) and Garcia Hernandez VM Dajalos will have Cesar Madelo (PDP Laban), Loboc's Sumampong has Erwin Baquial (LP), Sevillas VM Dagaang meets Richard Bucag (PDP Laban and Bilar's VM Calamba meets Ramoncita Cabusao. 

Valencia's Calixta Garcia is a sure vice mayoralty winner without opposition. 

Expect a flurry of activities however as Jesha Toque (PDP Laban) Crispina Vergara (LP) battle it out in Mabini's vice mayoralty seat. or in Gundulman, see how former mayor Maria Fe Piezas (PDP Laban) battles Abigail Marie Gutang (LP), Anda will have newbies PDP Laban's Nilo Bersabal against Vicente Tinio (LP), Duero's Emma Bajade (LP) fight Polineito Bernadas (PDP).

Then in Pilar, it will be a match between former VM Wilfredo Bernante (LP) and Eugenio Datahan (PDP Laban) for the towns legislative seat. Also, Dimiao will have a 3 cornered fight among Dennis Magtajas (Ind), Aniceta Ucang (PDP Laban) and Russel Yecyec (LP); while Lila will see former mayor Alfonso Lim (NPC) facing off Arturo Piollo (LP). 

In Batuan, battle for the vice mayoralty seat is between Precious Joy Baguio (PDP Laban) and Marcelino Sumampong (LP) as Carmen will have Romeo Bicay (LP) against Danilo Palgan (PDP Laban) and Sierra Bullones sees three-man battle for vice mayor with Mary Jane Aranez (UNA), Rainfredo Buslon (LP) and Nador Jabay (PDP Laban). (rac/PIA-7/Bohol)

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