May 23, 2018: *** Bohol currently produces 1,000 litres of milk daily and the target is to increase this production by 10% each year. Gov. Edgar Chatto said "Moving Towards Milk Self-Sufficiency is akin to the province's dream citing that Bohol has accepted this challenge as its program have been geared towards that direction. ***Gov. Edgar Chatto welcomed guests and participants of the 21st Dairy Congress and Expo in Bohol and shared Bohol's dream of becoming a major dairy producer and even the dairy capital of the country, a goal supported by the National Government through the Department of Agriculture. ***Hundreds of animal milk industry stakeholders gather at Bohol Cultural Center today as Bohol, the prepositioned dairy capital of the country, hosts the 21st Dairy Congress and Expo (DairyConEx) until May 25, 2018. ***The Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) will be investigating the allegations made by public utility vehicle (PUV) drivers that the Driver'a Academy in Bohol is charding them an exorbitant amount when the program is supposed to be free.

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Monday, October 24, 2016

Increase food production: Leaders calls echo at WFD

TAGBILARAN CITY, October 19 (PIA)--Agriculture leaders and Bohol officials dig on increased food production as Bohol farmers and farm technicians including national aggie figures gathered at the Bohol Cultural Center October 17 for the World Food Day celebration. 

Agricultural Training Institute National Director Dr. Luz Taposok reminded everyone at the gathering that President Rodrigo Duterte's marching order on food is simple: increase food production to bring cheap and sustainable food for every Filipino. 

Taking a pitch on the ATI mandate as the government's lead agency in agricultural training for farmers as extension services, Taposok beyond the training, ATI has a mission of making lives of farmers better. 

"We want to reiterate that in the farmers' advancement, we advance their farm, homes and their families," Taposok who is a multi awarded civil servant graduate of a Mindanao state college said. 
Citing Bohol's achievement as 104% rice sufficient, she engaged Boholanos to go for high value commercial crops in the advent of organic agriculture. 

Speaking also in time for the 2nd Regional Organic Agriculture Congress, she goaded everyone to plant every inch of soil, with anything organic and suggests landscaping using edible plants as a potential development. 

Meanwhile, in the same activity, Vice Governor Dionisio Balite challenged Boholanos to "go beyond," not just be contended with satisfying the family's needs. 

Balite noted that while irrigated farms are still primed for another cropping, several Boholano farmers refuse to go for a third cropping. 

Himself a farmer who personally manages his Carmen farm when he is not leading Bohol legislators, Balite emphasizes, "it is high time that we educate our neighbors to go beyond."

"There has to be a change in tradition when there is already climate change," the vice governor who admitted he started farmiong in his young years also said he is the only one among his siblings into farming. 

For himself, Governor Edgar Chatto pointed out the lack in local production for consumers to buy from Cagayan de Oro. 

"We have to commit ourselves to increase production," Chatto urged farmers in the packed Bohol Cultural Center. 

Stringing on the interconnectivity of food, hunger and climate change, the governor called for a collaboration to integrate all efforts in food production. 

"Food security is the bedrock of progress," he stressed.

That same day, Bohol agriculture officials with the support of the provincial Government handed out cash awards to winners of "Suhid sa Mag-uumang Bol-anon."

Suhod sa Mag-uumang Bol-anon is an annual showcase of best agricultural practices by farmers, farm technicians, livestock raisers and backyard fisheries implementers, in a bid to mainstream support system for individuals and groups supporting Bohol's food security program.

41 Boholano rice, corn, high value commercial crops farmers, farm support technicians, organic farmers, integrated farming systems implementers and outstanding farm family support technicians each brought home cash awards ranging from P2,500 to P15,000. 

Also during the day, the Provincial Government awarded its best implementers of the Bahay Kubo, Food Always In The Home (FAITH), Herbal Organic Plants Everywhere (HOPE) and Chicken Always Raised In The Yard (CHARITY). 

10 Boholano farmers who were able to showcase an integrated farm compete with at least 18 vegetables listed in the Bahay Kubo folk song, herbal plants and livestock raised in the yard also pocketed cash incentives. 

A Balilihan farmer, Nicano Blanco of Barangay Cogon came out over-all provincial winner as the three winners from each of Bohol Districts also competed and bowed out. (rac/PIA-7/Bohol)
Outstanding farmers, technicians and integrated farming technologies adopters firmly plant their fists on their breasts to show support to saving rice as they recited Panatang Makapalay in the recently conducted World Food Day events in Bohol. (rac/PIA-7/Bohol)

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