May 23, 2018: *** Bohol currently produces 1,000 litres of milk daily and the target is to increase this production by 10% each year. Gov. Edgar Chatto said "Moving Towards Milk Self-Sufficiency is akin to the province's dream citing that Bohol has accepted this challenge as its program have been geared towards that direction. ***Gov. Edgar Chatto welcomed guests and participants of the 21st Dairy Congress and Expo in Bohol and shared Bohol's dream of becoming a major dairy producer and even the dairy capital of the country, a goal supported by the National Government through the Department of Agriculture. ***Hundreds of animal milk industry stakeholders gather at Bohol Cultural Center today as Bohol, the prepositioned dairy capital of the country, hosts the 21st Dairy Congress and Expo (DairyConEx) until May 25, 2018. ***The Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) will be investigating the allegations made by public utility vehicle (PUV) drivers that the Driver'a Academy in Bohol is charding them an exorbitant amount when the program is supposed to be free.

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Monday, August 22, 2016

CV accomplishments rated on its MDG commitments

TAGBILARAN CITY, August 20 (PIA)–-Central Visayas needs to struggle some more and hit the mark of halving poverty and hunger as it logged poor accomplishments according to its commitments to the millennium development goals (MDG). 

Earlier, the Philippines signed its commitment to the United Nations to attain in the commitment of halving extreme poverty and hunger, achieve universal primary education, promote gender equality and women empowerment, reduce child mortality, improve maternal health, environmental sustainability and combat human immune deficiency diseases, malaria and other illnesses, 

While Central Visayas did good in some of the commitments, the region poorly attained in some major commitments like poverty and hunger, as can be gleaned from a report the Regional Development Council looked up to it its June full council meeting in Bohol. 

With a baseline data of 42.2% of population in 1990 living below the poverty threshold, the goal was to cut into half or bring it down to 21.1% by 2015. 

Last year, the data of the accomplishment could only get to 30.5 of the population; or a shortfall of 9.4. 

As to population living below the subsistence threshold, Central Visayas had 24.2 in 1990, a figue authorities want dragged down to 12.1. 

In 2015, the region accomplished 14.4% only; some 2.3% off target. 

And as to proportion of family below poverty threshold, the region had 36.9 in 1990, a figure vowed to be cut down to half or 18.45. 

Here, the region only managed to get to 27% of families, a miss of 8.55%.

On the part of proportion of families living below the poverty threshold, the region had 19.7 in 1990, planned to be halved, but the region could only effect 14.7 or a shortfall of 5 percent. 

In 2015, Central Visayas also ensures that children would be able to complete primary schooling from in an 89.1% participation rate. 

Its cohort survival rate, or the proportion of pupils starting grade 1 and completing in grade 6 improved to 88% from 69.55 but it was obviously wanting for a target of 100% in 2015. 

From 69.04 elementary completion rate, MDG pushed the Visayas to get it 100% but could only manage to improve it to 86.8, but not quite enough. 

Even more deplorable is when the region increased its maternal mortality from 20 in every 2000 to 67.27 in 2015, a failure far from the target of 50 as per MDG commitment. 

Under the target to cut into half the prevalence of underweight children, which went as high as 33.8, Visayas attained between 1990-2015 huge with figures now getting 4.1%, as against its target of 16.9.

In its under 5 years old mortality rate for every 1000 births, Central Visayas posted a baseline data of 54.50 and wants it cut two-thirds or bring it down to 18.17. It accomplished 9.02. 

For the 33.80 infant mortality in 1000 live births in 1990, Visayas wanted to bring it down to 11.30 but accomplished even better when it scored 5.61 deaths in 1000 births. 

And to the 17.2% of people in the region without access to drinking water in 1990, the MDG regional commitment is to get it down to 8.71 but in the end, it accomplished 7%, way past its target. (rac/PIA-7/Bohol)

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