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Thursday, July 07, 2016

World of drugs shrinks with Tokhang success

TAGBILARAN CITY, July 6, (PIA)—The world is shrinking literally for drug personalities and their protectors as the government anti-illegal drive shifts to high gear, even in Bohol.

This too as the biggest success in police drive gets to Candijay town, where 431 drug personalities composed of 6 pushers and 425 users heeded to the calls to come out and swear in “Oplan Tokhang” to stop of be at the end of “Oplan double barrel.” 

Even without Candijay’s success, Bohol has so far reported close to a thousand drug personalities showing up in police stations to stay clear of upcoming police operations aimed at those who still thrive on the illegal trade. 

With two of the four exposed police generals allegedly protecting the drug industry in the country assigned sometime in the region, attention shifts here as people start to string the connection between them and identified Bohol and Cebu drug lords. 
Observers start to piece through police generals PNP Deputy Director General Marcelo Garbo Jr. (2012 at PRO7) and retired police general Vicente “Vic” Loot (2015 at PRO 7) to Cebu based drug lords Jeffrey “Jaguar” Diaz whose operations stretch to Manila and Rowen “Yawa” Secretaria, who operates both in Bohol and Cebu.

This too as police operatives here increases the heat in the campaign to bring out the drug pushers and users in a bid to issue the last and final warning against the continued drug trade.

Upon the mandates of the newly installed Chief of the Philippine National Police Ronald dela Rosa, Bohol police commanders in the town cascade “Oplan Tokhang.”

A strategy employed by then Davao police chief dela Rosa, Tokhang or “Toktok-Hangyo” employs police officers and anti-drug advocates in the barangays into identifying and knocking on the houses (toktok) of alleged drug personalities to talk to them about permanently stopping (hangyo). 

“We implement Oplan Tokhang to identified drug personalities as out effort to combat illegal drugs,” explained Bohol Police chief PSSupt Dennis Agustin. 

By not heeding to Tokhang, police have been mandated to implement “Oplan Double Barrel,” explains Candijay town police chief Police Inspector Gerald Luna. 

“By double barrel, we go after high value targets and low value targets in intensive police operations and we hope it does not come to that,” Ubay town chief PCInspector Roland Desiree Lavisto said in an interview. 

The other day, Ubay police operatives in a buy bust, neutralized Mario Ramos, Philippine Drug Enforcement Administration #9 in the list of drug personalities in Bohol, in a buy-bust operation Purok 3, in Barangay Tapon. 

Ramos, accordingly sensed the presence of the police operatives upon consummation of the buy-bust that he drew his gun and fired at the police officer, causing the operatives to fire back. 

Ramos suffered three gunshot wounds: two between the ribs exiting the shoulder blades and a stomach shot near the navel, the bullet lodged inside, which may have caused his instantaneous death, according to Dr. Elaine Aurora Castañares of the local Don Emilio del Valle Hospital, who certified the suspect as dead on arrival. 

Immediately the following day, Ubay police station posted 58 drug personalities who voluntarily surrendered and availed of the Oplan Tokhang. 

Chief Inspector Lavisto, who has just assumed as town police chief since July 1 said, 90% of those who surrendered that day came from Barangay Tapon.

The day earlier, Ubay also reported 58 surrenderees. 

In nearby town Candijay, PInspector Luna who expected around 200 drug personalities from its 21 barangays coming out and swearing before Mayor Christopher Tutor, parish priest representing the church and members of the academe in formal ceremonies today.

Inspector Luna said police have rounded up the 21 barangays and knocked on the houses of those in the list which the Barangay Anti Drug Abuse Councils (BADACs) submitted. 

The BADAC list is fairly validated list as the council members and not just the barangay chairmen who put in the names. 

This list, we also match with the list police from their intelligence operatives keep and classify them according to their degrees of depth in the illegal industry, Luna, who enjoys full LGU support clarified. 

We are just lucky, Mayor Tutor is serious about this campaign, dispensing his personal funds to reward police in successful operations, Luna said. 

The reward money, he said goes to his operatives as well as boost local capacities to operate in buy-busts, raids mobility and intelligence infiltrations. (rac/PIA-7/Bohol)

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