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Friday, May 27, 2016

Bohol adopts JTF Dagon as powerful anti-crime group

TAGBILARAN CITY, May 26 (PIA)--Faced with the nagging problem of criminality brought about by the march of modernization, the Provincial Peace and Order Council (PPOC) here taps help from "outside forces" in keeping Bohol communities crime-free and its people languishing in relative peace where business can flourish. 

By instituting through adoption of Joint Task Force Dagon (JTF Dagon), the PPOC in its recent meeting May 23, formalized the council's tapping of not just its core members, it also enlists help from powers ranged in communities. 

This too after PPOC Chairman Edgar Chatto caused issuance of an EO E.O. No. 01, series 2016 creating JTF Dagon to address the need to intensify the peace and security of the Province as well as sustain its economic development. 

JTF Dagon, which seeks its etymological origins from the Cebuano term which means amulet, is historically Boholano which local hero Francisco Dagohoy used to win this century-old war against the Spanish oppression. 
In its present context, JTF Dagon; an anti-crime group, uses nine task groups, each responsible for the overseeing of strategies and plans to drive crimes off Bohol communities through adoption of proactive steps and strengthened information dissemination to prevent and avoid crimes, explains Gov Chatto at his Friday weekly Kita ug ang Gobernador radio program. 

And by outside forces or powers ranged from communities, the PPOC means JTF is thriving on teamwork and partnership with private and business stakeholders in reducing crime rates and increasing crime solution efficiency, explains Administrator Alfonso Damalerio, who has been personally handling the initial meetings of the JTF. 

JTF Dagon serves as community-based crime prevention monitoring and coordinating mechanism to eliminate criminalities and illegal activities by strengthening Bohol's disaster risk reduction and management programs as well as as coordination and collaboration among PPOC agency-members in the joint security operations, Damalerio said. 

Aside from an advisory council which sits along with intelligence group, operations, information, legal and finance and logistics, the JTF Dagon is comprised of task forces: disaster response, anti criminality, internal security, anti-illegal drugs, maritime security, environmental protection, traffic, anti-smuggling and tourism security.

The advisory group assesses and evaluates crisis situation reports, recommends action to the Chairman, provides guidance, helps analyze JTF operational systems and strategizes to plan, and assist enforcement agencies during emergency management, according to the administrator.

He said, TF Disaster response can deploy search, rescue teams and security forces to disaster areas within 8 hours, does damage, needs assessment along with local disaster groups, conducts relief operations, provides medical services and psychological first aid to victims while implementing pre-emptive evacuation of vulnerable persons at risk. 

TF Tourism Security on the other hand ensures tourist safety and security by promoting Bohol as safe haven for tourists and constituents, promotes collaborative efforts among agencies to strengthen safety nets of tourism in Bohol. 

TF anti smuggling curbs illicit trade and customs fraud, strengthens implementation of existing anti-smuggling laws, promotes partnership linkages among regulatory agencies and acquires product shipment permits from concerned authorities. 

TF environment protection conserves and protects the terrestrial and aquatic biodiversity Bohol, prevents air, water, and land pollution, strengthens environmental laws enforcement, stakeholder coordination towards holistic environmental threats tackling and promotes environmental awareness in conservation and protection of environment. 

TF anti-illegal drugs enhances drug awareness by providing information on processes in applying for search warrant and the modes of apprehension to curb drug incidents, exacting information against illegal drugs, promoting credibility of government and its officials as well as increase drug detection capability. 

TF internal security ensures peace and development programs sustainability in Bohol by sustaining IPSO gains, supports government, NGOs, CSOs, local communities, individual stakeholders in issue identification and implementation of government programs and services, assures respect of human rights, stops support from the white areas to the armed groups, compel the rebels to abandon armed struggle and prevent the resurgence of its armed component, dismantles the remaining NPA underground sectoral organizations and stop or deny the recruitment of potential NPA members. 

TF Traffic attempts to establish an efficient real time road traffic control, implements efficient traffic laws and regulations and develops a more responsive traffic system. 

TF maritime security conducts maritime security operations, enforces applicable laws within the country's waters and high seas, pursues illegal fishing, smuggling, life and property safety while safeguarding marine environment and resources for a more secured maritime environment. 

TF anti-crime creates measures in preventing crime occurrence, strictly implements and enforces crime sanctions as stipulated by law and strengthens collaboration between and among concerned agencies. (rac/PIA-7/Bohol)

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