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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

NHA's home materials assistance gets to 38,800 Bohol households

TAGBILARAN CITY, March 21, (PIA)— In Bohol, around 38,801 households received the National Housing Authority (NHA) housing materials assistance (HOMA) program from 8 towns badly hit by the 2013 earthquake. 

That also means the government housing authority dispensed in Bohol, at least P388 million to allow Boholanos to help themselves rise up from the disaster that brought them to their knees. 

In a report furnished by the NHA Visayas Management Office in Cebu, Bohol towns getting NHA housing materials assistance valued at P10,000.00 are Maribojoc, Antequera, Carmen, Tubigon, San Isidro, Catigbian, Loon, Sagbayan and Calape. 

All of the financial assistance have been monitored implemented well within 2014, according to the report prepared by Angr. Carolyn Mae Maceda, NHA senior engineer. 
For all the 8 towns, Loon grabbed the most number of housing material assistance package with 8,190 as each beneficiary gets P10,000.00, based on the report signed by Gavino Fuguracion, NHA Regional Manager. 

Tubigon came in second, with 7,183 materials beneficiary at P10,000.00 each, the town getting a total of P71,830.000,00.

Catigbian town comes next with 4,241 house beneficiaries with the NHA dispensing P42.410 million for this assistance. 

Next to Catigbian, Sagbayan, where the epicenter of the earthquake was, 4, 130 beneficiaries claimed for the NHA aid amounting to P41,291,000.00. 

Calape, a town with huge part sitting on a ridge of the Maribojoc mountains also claimed 3,833 houses needing NHA help that the government allocated P38,330.000 for housing materials of their earthquake victims. 

Maribojoc also had 3,347 households needing the NHA help and was all together apportioned P33.470 million. 

On the other hand, Antequera claimed 3,178 households needing aid to get up and the NHA approved the release of P31.780 million while Carmen, Bohol had 2820 households getting P10,000 housing materials aid from the NHA, all of them implemented in 2014. (rac/PIA-7/Bohol)

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