31 July 2017: *** A suspected big-time drug personality who was ranked 6th among high-value targets of Central Visayas police and allegedly also operated in Mindanao was gunned down during an anti-narcotics operation in Sierra Bullones on Saturday evening. ***In the first seven months this year, the Bohol Police Provincial Office (BPPO) already recorded 984 traffic-related incidents where human error comprise 84.86%. ***Bohol crime volume continues to drop in three months from 748 in May to 395 by July 20. In June, the crime volume decreased to 700 or a 6.42% drop. The rate of decrease further improved to 43.57% as of July 20. ***34 ASEAN countires comprising the Asean Cooperation Dialogue (ACD) will confer on energy during Bohol's biggest international event hosting on August 7-10 at the Be Grand Resort in Panglao, which is timely as the province works hard on permanent solution to unreliable power.

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Monday, June 22, 2015

TAGBILARAN CITY, June 19 (PIA)--Despite the daily stream of arrests, drug busts and the occasional summary execution of known drug personalities, narcotics agents classify Bohol as moderately affected by drugs. 

Bohol chief of the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA), in the recent out-of-town Provincial Peace and Order Council (PPOC) meeting in time with the HEAT-IT Bohol Caravan Wednesday issued the assessment, citing Dangerous Drugs Board Resolution number 12, series of 2004. 

PDEA intelligence officer Jigger Juniller told PPOC members that Bohol is moderately affected unlike any other Provinces in Region VII with big cities like the provinces of Cebu and Negros Oriental where there is more demand of [sic] the illegal drugs. 

He also said Bohol's vast shorelines make it apparently easier for illegal drug traffickers to bring dangerous drugs supply into the island, and the operations ongoing against drugs caused the supply to falter, the collective efforts of other law enforcement and the provincial office of PDEA in Bohol making a dent. 
The Dangerous Drugs Board (DDB), the governing body in various workshops since 2004, set down the parameters to categorize the degree of drug affectation of a place and summed all of these in the Dangerous Drugs Board Resolution No. 12 Series of 2004, as future basis for consideration.

Based on the DDB Resolution No. 12, the three (3) basic categories of drug-affectation are slightly affected, moderately affected, and seriously affected. 

Those considered slightly affected are those places with the presence of at least one (1) suspected drug user established in the area. It is moderately affected, if at least one suspected drug pusher or trafficker is living or residing in the area while it is seriously affected if at least laboratory, den, dive resort or similar facilities is suspected to exist in the locality, explained PDEA at the PPOC meeting last month.

The PDEA, through Juniller reports that in May 2015, they have accounted some 8.06 grams of illegal "methamphetamine hydrochloride" or popularly known as shabu, through buy eight bust operations and 38.1 grams though the implementation of search warrant. PDEA also accounted for some 0.03 grams of shabu in flagrante delicto cases. 

All in all, PDEA accounted for 46.19 grams of shabu, one that could have been sold at P545, 042.00, if left out in the streets.

The figure is a little more than the P400K plus of shabu valued at the present which authorities stopped from reaching the streets in April. 

In May too, anti-drug authorities filed 60 cases in the city and provincial prosecutors office, 12 of these cases are for resolution, 8 for preliminary investigation, according to PDEA. 

At the Regional Trial courts, narc agents have filed 52 cases, majority of them (26) for drug possession, a violation against section 11 of the Dangerous Drugs Act. 

Other notable violations cited in the cases filed in the RTC are for 11 cases for selling shabu (violation against section 5) and 9 for possession of illegal drugs paraphernalia (against section 12). (rachiu/PIA-7/Bohol)

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