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Thursday, May 07, 2015

TAGBILARAN CITY, Bohol May 6 (PIA) --A manager from a posh resort in Panglao has asked the PPOC the right protocol in reporting a probable scam, which may have also gotten the best out of similar luxury establishments in Bohol. 

In its meeting last week, The Provincial Peace and Order Council, acting as a whole, in fact listened intently as former president of the Bohol Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI) and now resort manager Marietta Gasatan raised the alarm against credit card scammers that may have found an all too convenient way to dupe resorts of the money they deserve. 

Gasatan, who manages hip South Palms Resort stirred the council when she bared a possible fraudulent use of credit cards, which might cause great financial turmoil. 

"In the resort," she said "somebody makes a weeklong reservation, swiping credit cards." 
Banks upon whose credits the cards are linked however, "takes time to process [the transactions]," the former lady banker added. 

Seemingly, in between the time the cards are swiped at the card reader and the process when banks can identify if the card is genuine or not, the bogus customer would have already checked out, leaving a nasty list of fraudulently charged bills. 

Within that span of time too, the establishment would have enough hunch to doubt about the transaction, but Gasatan wants to know "how establishments would react and who would they coordinate to stall the suspicious customer." 

For the law enforcers, City Police Chief Superintendent George Vale shared how credit card skimming has become a popular mode of stealing personal data and even making duplicate credit cards. 

Vale, who had such an experience while starting off as enforcer in the National Capital Region, warned card owners: do not leave your cards out of your sight. 

He added, some syndicates use waiters and skimming devices kept just out of sight that a simple swipe can immediately duplicate all data. 

"To be assured, ask for proper identification cards," Vale urged. 

To those manning luxurious establishments however, asking for other corresponding identification could be read as impropriety. 

To this, the PPOC then resolves, through a motion from Prosecutor Macario Delusa, to rule to create a special task force, and to ask the proper authorities to cascade trainings to law enforcers who could be assigned to do particular tasks. (rac/PIA-7Bohol/PR)

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