February 22, 2018: *** Of the 200 commercial establishments operating in Panglao town, only 33 establishments have permits from the Environmental Management Bureau (EMB), an agency attached to the Department of Environment and Natural Resources. *** Boholano NEDA Secretary Ernesto Pernia said that the time has come to close resorts, not only in Panglao but entire Bohol violating laws and local regulations as there had been enough warning already. ***Dauis Mayor Miriam Sumaylo said their LGU is not taking any chances with the cleanliness of its waters amid controversy on coliform contamination in waters off the neighboring resort town of Panglao and they have started preemptive efforts to keep its waters pristine through close monitoring of the town's beaches.

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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

TAGBILARAN CITY, April 28 (PIA)—From a negative two percent satisfaction rating in 2013, City Mayor John Geesnel Yap continued his rising satisfaction streak to positive 85% in 2015, equivalent to excellent, a survey of the Holy Name University (HNU) showed. 

The young city mayor, who was just a city councilor in March and April 2013, decided to cast his political hat in the arena, scrounging from a negative satisfaction rating, a comparative chart presented at the Bohol Polls Presentation inside the HNU High School Educational Media Center April 28 at 2:00 PM. 

The HNU Bohol Poll, which was done in March 26 to April 17 of this year, also showed Tagbilaranons fully aware of Mayor Yap as the city’s chief executive, an awareness that run true to all classes, gender and age groups. 

Yap in fact hit a 100% awareness level in the city, which means every one of the 100 city respondents know who their mayor is. 

A high awareness level for the City mayor came also with the +85% net satisfaction: where the city executive earned a 91% satisfaction rating from the 100 city survey respondents. Only 6 of the 100 survey respondents in Tagbilaran gave the mayor a dissatisfied rating while 3 respondents are undecided. 

According to Maria Paz Espiritu, Bohol Poll Project Manager, they got Mayor Yap’s net satisfaction rating by subtracting from the satisfied the dissatisfied, thus 85% net satisfaction. 

Meanwhile, Vice Mayor Jose Antonio Veloso earned a +55 % net satisfaction rating from city voters: 68% are satisfied with Veloso, 13 are dissatisfied and 18 are undecided as yet. 

VM Veloso worked from a +39 in 2012 to a sagging +16 net satisfaction rating in 2013. By 2014, Veloso regained with a +50 net rating until +55 % or 5 percent gain in a year. 

Both officials scored +69% net satisfaction rating in insuring adequacy of drinking water, +55 in protecting the environment, +51 in investment promotions, +49 in traffic management, +36 in protecting life and property, +24 in providing livelihood employment and +6 net satisfaction rating in reducing graft and corruption. 

And while the city leadership scored low in reducing graft and corruption, the poll trending tracker showed that the same mission of reducing graft scored -28 % satisfaction in 2011; -17 % in 2012; -33 in 2013, - 1 in 2014 and then finally showing signs of improvement over the threshold with +6%. 

The city anti graft record is, in fact bigger than that of the provincial government which only netted -14 in reducing graft and corruption. 

Capitol worked in ridding the government of graft and corruption with -12% in 2011, -13% in 2012, +5 in 2013, -2 in 2014 and then dipping to -14% in 2015. (rac/PIA-7Bohol)

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