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Friday, February 20, 2015

TAGBILARAN CITY, Bohol, February 19 (PIA)—Bohol Police Office is working out with lot owners to allow the installation of permanent mini police stations in strategic highways. 

This is a step that could be an innovation in curbing the number of unregistered vehicles and unlicensed drivers in Bohol, again in a bid to make Bohol roads safer and law enforcement more capabilities. 

Bohol Police Chief, PSSupt Dennis Agustin revealed this to members of the Provincial Peace and Order Council (PPOC) in a meeting Tuesday at the Mansion Conference Hall. 

The suggestion to put up permanent mini stations will allow cops to have longer checkpoint duties as they need not disband for office, while this could potentially keep illegal vehicles and motorists off the road most of the time. 

No less than fiscal Macario Delusa asked the Philippine National Police (PNP) for such, even as checkpoints, he illustrated quite well, continue to be a laughing stock in traffic rule enforcement. 
On this, Prosecutor Delusa said he observed that every time a checkpoint is in place, a few meters from the roadblocks are parked motorcycles, apparently operating illegally: unregistered, not road worthy or drivers without licenses.

They park, refusing to pass and deciding to wait it out until the roadblock is dismantled and the police team is disbanded.

While the law does not provide for police officers to accost properly parked vehicles or operators on not-running vehicles, Delusa said putting a police station near the road can drastically curb these unregistered vehicles or unlicensed driver’s operations.

And to even boost the databank of motorists, Delusa added, putting closed circuit television (CCTV) cameras in those checkpoints would bolster the capacity of the police and enrich the police databanks.

Do not be selective, falg down two or four wheel vehicles, hinted the fiscal to the cops. 

At the PPOC Meeting Tuesday, PSupt Nicomedes Olaivar reported that crime has decreased in January against February last year, but went on to show that physical injury and theft remain high among crimes here. 

In fact, for physical injuries, Camp Dagohoy reported that of the logged 189 cases, a good 127 of them were vehicular accidents. 

Vehicular accidents, Supt Olaivar pointed out, are mostly due to driving while under the influence of liquor.

Most of these crimes can be controlled with strategic placement of checkpoints and road blocks to deny ill-fit motorists the use of the streets, a member of the council commented.


To the comment, Supt Olaivar told the council Camp Dagohoy’s future plans.

Bohol police aims to sustain the conduct of province wide synchronized checkpoints utilizing all units in coordination with Highway patrol Group and the Land Transportation Office based on the oplan “Manman Kalsada”, he said.

Police would also hold checkpoints in implementation of the no-plate, no-travel policy, check on drivers licenses, vehicle registrations and roadworthiness as well as check on any illegality in the car. 

But, reports also bared that police deputation as traffic deputies have been put on hold, at least for Bohol, lessening the apprehensions, and a drawback in the campaign. 

Only police officers deputized for traffic duty can issue a Land Transportation Office Temporary Permit to Operate (LTO-TOP) police, an LTO policy states. 

Non deputized agents who notice violations can only keep the vehicle on impound until 24 hours, or turn over these to the LTO, or they can be held liable. 

The police officer also added they will religiously implement the Police Integrated Patrol System (PIPS) with emphasis on the newly adopted QUAD boundary checkpoint and revisit the proper procedures in conducting patrol.

PIPS enhances police visibility by scientifically analyzing crime trends and deploying cops on these basis. 

Moreover, Supt Olaivar said they would maintain the deployment of Provincial PNP Task Force to augment local PNP Units with criminality problems and expand the Adopt and train a K9 program in other municipalities considered as drug entry points.

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