February 22, 2018: *** Of the 200 commercial establishments operating in Panglao town, only 33 establishments have permits from the Environmental Management Bureau (EMB), an agency attached to the Department of Environment and Natural Resources. *** Boholano NEDA Secretary Ernesto Pernia said that the time has come to close resorts, not only in Panglao but entire Bohol violating laws and local regulations as there had been enough warning already. ***Dauis Mayor Miriam Sumaylo said their LGU is not taking any chances with the cleanliness of its waters amid controversy on coliform contamination in waters off the neighboring resort town of Panglao and they have started preemptive efforts to keep its waters pristine through close monitoring of the town's beaches.

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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Rey Anthony Chiu 

TAGBILARAN CITY, Bohol December 21, 2012 (PIA)—A download of 89 police officers from the Central Visayas police regional office arrives here in Bohol in time when peace and order is at its most vulnerable: the holiday season. 

The new police officers: men and women who will soon be assigned to complement town stations are temporarily stationed at Camp Dagohoy pending unit briefings, according to PSSupt Constantino Barot last Thursday. 

These new police officers would be briefed of all the duties and responsibilities of all allied offices in the Camp, perhaps giving them an idea of where their current capacities would be most beneficial to the force, Barot revealed to media during a Camp activity early this week. 

Since the Philippine National Police implemented a minimum of 21 personnel assigned in a police station, some stations in Bohol have seen better operations. 

Some police desk officers however said even 21 is barely enough. 

In a small town for example, the 21 men could go on shifts to efficiently run the station without any interruption. 

For stations with three duty shifts, that means there would only be 7 police men on duty on a given time of day, informers shared. 

The problem is even compounded when there are police officers who were in their mandatory retirement ages, of some were granted their sought after transfer of assignments for personal reasons. 

In Bohol, where one town has 67 barangays, how far will seven go in a day to effectively cover its area of responsibility? asks Loon town Mayor Lloyd Lopez, who has openly asked the police organization to field in more men. 

But Colonel Barot also explained that new police assignments are dependent on the provincial share of the national government’s recruitment program for the year. 

Some of the arriving 89 new policemen would be assigned to the towns to fill in the towns that lack police officers, according to PSuperintendent Jovito Atanacio. 

The rest would be assigned for duty at allied services at the Camp, according to Barot. 

And since police stations also need intelligence officers to be truly effective in their crime-busting, Camp Dagohoy presented to the media some 50 new graduates for three day Police Intelligence Officer course. 

44 police non commissioned officers and five police officers were among the graduates who received completion certificates at the Camp Dagohoy Conference Hall and witnessed by Camp officials. 

The new trainees would be tested in their newfound crafts as assistant intelligence officers manning the desks in towns, according to PSSupt. Barot. (30/sjp)

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