31 July 2017: *** A suspected big-time drug personality who was ranked 6th among high-value targets of Central Visayas police and allegedly also operated in Mindanao was gunned down during an anti-narcotics operation in Sierra Bullones on Saturday evening. ***In the first seven months this year, the Bohol Police Provincial Office (BPPO) already recorded 984 traffic-related incidents where human error comprise 84.86%. ***Bohol crime volume continues to drop in three months from 748 in May to 395 by July 20. In June, the crime volume decreased to 700 or a 6.42% drop. The rate of decrease further improved to 43.57% as of July 20. ***34 ASEAN countires comprising the Asean Cooperation Dialogue (ACD) will confer on energy during Bohol's biggest international event hosting on August 7-10 at the Be Grand Resort in Panglao, which is timely as the province works hard on permanent solution to unreliable power.

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Sunday, May 06, 2012

Rey Anthony Chiu 

TAGBILARAN CITY, Bohol, May 5, 2012 (PIA) – Governor Edgar Chatto led the launching of two major programs that relate to the protection and conservation of Bohol’s premier marine resources, during the opening activity of the Month of the Ocean in Bohol, May 2. 

At the same time, the governor called for more participation and solidarity from Boholanos in the daunting task for protecting, developing and giving focus on Bohol’s marine environment during the opening rites held at the Tagbilaran City Tourism Port. 

The governor, who cited the month’s them “BuhayDagat, Buhay Natin said the launching of two major projects focused on sustaining Bohol treasures in its dolphins and the premier dive-sites in Balicasag Island assures communities better seas and thus, better lives. 

Already reaping huge premiums from its eco-tourism activity in the Pamilacan and Balicasag islands dolphin watching tours, Bohol also treasures its other source of important revenues in Balicasag island dives. 

Both however are at the risk of being lost due to unsustainable practices as well as highly commercialized operations that threaten to kill them. 

Putting up the necessary steps to assure sustainability of these areas and marine treasures are just part of our responsibility, says Liza Quirog, Capitol’s Socio-Economic and Environment Management cluster. 

During the launch, the governor mentioned the participation of agencies and sectors from the Provincial Government, national government, armed forces, navy, the DA, BFAR, and non government organizations including the municipalities represented by the Coastal Law Enforcement Councils (CLECs) as already a good sign. 

“If all of us, with our sheer numbers, could passionately really advocate to support more programs in bringing more life in the preservation and production levels enhanced, it means there will be no way for failure to get in. 

Over all these, Chatto reminded the people attending the launch that Bohol development should always be anchored on sound environment policies that would redound to the benefit of communities and sustainability of the resources at the same time. 

But, he also admitted, “We are just so few compared to the breadth of the responsibility we have on our shoulders.” 

For Balicasag, the governor earlier issued Executive Order No. 4-A, creating a coordination council for the CRAB and appropriating funds thereof. 
Gov. Chatto also issued a similar order for the creation of Task Force Dolphin which established an inter-agency multi-sectoral team who will be responsible for the development of programs and sustainable practices in the conduct of dolphin watching activities as well as propose dolphin conservation programs in Bohol. 

All of these, because we make sure that Bohol development is anchored on sound environmental policies, Chatto capped. (30)

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