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Saturday, April 14, 2012

4H Clubs resurrect amid need for viable farming

Rey Anthony H. Chiu 

TAGBILARAN CITY, Bohol, April 13, 2012 (PIA) – Years after the clubs which have sworn to campaign for more viable farming among the younger generations, the 4H club proves it has what it takes to get the movement back on trail. 

At the Farmers Family Day Forum to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the 4H, assistant provincial agriculturist Larry Pamugas said the farm family forms the framework of development, and this has been an admitted fact even before the Department of Agriculture was devolved to local governments. 

In the current situation where population is doubling, those people sticking to farming are getting lesser, so that there is a need to make farming a viable option for younger people. 

First envisioned in the early 1900 in America, the 4H (Head, Heart, Hand for Health) was sown to provide the venue for young boys and girls to grow better crops and livestock as well as gain the technical skills to increase farm produce shelf life by processing. 

But, not given priority after the devolution, the 4H organizations sulked to the sidelines and the campaign to get kids more interested in farming was also sidelined. 

Sensing that reviving the 4H would do a great service to Bohol, the Office of the Provincial Agriculturist put up a proposal for Capitol to dig up the 4H and make it the annual showcase of best farming practices. 

It was probably easy for Governor Edgar Chatto to get into the idea as he himself was an avid 4H Club member and his mother, a key leader holding a top position in the national movement, Pamugas said. 

Cahtto, who advocates for the Purok Power Movement has pushed for food sufficiency in the homes as typified by his insistent batting for Bahay Kubo, Food always in the home (FAITH), Herbal Organic Plant Enhancement (HOPE) and Chicken always raised in the yard (CHARITY). 

That way, every family saves a little income by resorting to their gardens instead of buying for the spices and kitchen necessities than can be raised in the backyard, said the governor. 

On the other hand, Pamulgas added that farming families are creating perfect venues for training people to be workers and then good leaders. 

Former club members still retain the values of the movement and have been clearly guided by its principles even in their chosen fields of endeavors, according to the energetic aggie head. 

Adopting “To make the best better” as motto and “Learning by doing as its slogan,” 4H Club members have shown that going back to farming has been milestones in their lives as leaders today, the assistant agriculturist who once sat as 4H official in his time shared. 

They went on to carve their own separate careers, followed their chosen field of endeavors and specializations but almost to everyman, never for a moment forgot a great debt of gratitude to the movement for their respective triumph and success. They were, and still are 4-H club members and officers even if not in actual practice, in their own hearts and minds. 

During the Farm Family Day Forum, contests in poster making, extemporaneous speech and minus one singing and quiz bee were the crowd drawers. 
On the other hand, in line with the skills demonstrations, home food preparation contests, 4h Project demonstrations on cassava-based snacks preparation, malunggay-based dessert, tilapia cooked in coconut milk and organic rice techno demo buzzed alongside the activities at the JJs Seafood grounds. 

Contest winners during the day include Angelique Lubiano (Pilar-Malunggay Fruit Shake), Jonna Mae Jose (Ubay-Minus One Singing Contest) and Nepthan Atup (Trinidad-Poster Making) 

Winners will represent Bohol in the Regional 4H Club competitions, Pamugas said. (30)

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