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Sunday, September 04, 2011

From Jan-July… Bohol enjoys 67% crimes lesser compared to 2010

TAGBILARAN CITY, Bohol, Sept 3 (PIA) – Bohol enjoys a 67 percent decrease in crime incidence, a success local police authorities quickly attribute to the strong support communities gave for the local police. 

During his report to the Provincial Peace and Order Council in its regular meeting Friday in Guindulman, Bohol Police chief said while the decrease in crimes can be attributed the police anti-crime drives, but much of the credit should be given to the people for their unwavering support for the local police. 

Citing crime incidents in Bohol totaling 2,320 from January to July in 2010, PSSupt Constantino Barot pointed out through a power-point presentation the notable decrease for the same period this year at 1564 cases for index and non index crimes. 

In his bar graph presentation, Barot showed that in all months in 2011, crimes were lower compared to all the months in 2010. 

Police noted 607 cases of non index crimes in 2010 as compared to 317 in 2011. The decrease is pegged at 52.24% 

For index crimes, the Bohol Chief who hails from Negros but has a stint in Bohol way back in the early 90’s said they noted 1713 cases on index crimes in 2010 over 1247 in 2011. The decrease shows some 72.79%. 

Most alarming among the cases noted for the period is theft, which showed a consistent increase in incidence since April of this year to present. 

Police presentations showed that theft at 570 cases, constitutes 46% of all crimes recorded for the period. 

“The upward trend in the crime volume for the months of April to July, particularly on theft incidents can be prevented through the help of the citizens,” Bohol police authorities through PSSupt Barot bared. 

Following theft is robbery, which pegs at 25% OR 305 cases. 

Police authorities however have successful pulled down the incidents in July from an increasing trend since April peaking in June at 50 incidents. 

Robberies in July slid down to 37 cases, police records show. 

For the month of July, Alburquerque, Mabini and San Isidro posted a perfect slate for crime solution efficiency while the whole of Bohol police only recorded some 47%. 

San Isidro Police Station recorded 2 cases and solved them both, Alburquerque solved all of their 9 cases while Mabini solved all 16 of their cases recorded. (30)

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