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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Boholanos ask Gov to act on fuel prices 
Tagbilaran City. BOHOLANOS have asked Governor Edgar Chatto to intercede and ask government authorities to provide the intervene explanation on the seemingly higher fuel prices in Tagbilaran City compared to its towns. 
Sensing price manipulation after noting the price disparity right after the price increase last week, the public raised a howl at a possible violation of a government price stabilization act that is still in effect. 
Gov. Edgar Chatto, when asked to comment said he has asked the Department of Energy to furnish Bohol the explanation on how this has happened. 
Chatto, who accordingly called DOE Secretary Rene Almendras was told that the price disparity may have something to do with the local distribution scheme. 
A comparative report printed by a local paper showed that the “big three” oil companies in Tagbilaran sell their fuel higher than those in the neighboring towns. 
In the city, Shell, Caltex and Petron sell their diesel fuels at P41.40. 
In Jagna town, some 56 kilometers away from the city, Shell and Caltex sell their diesel at P41.80 while Petron, at P42.25. 
In Ubay town, some 124 kilometers away from the city, the big three sell their fuels at 40.00 per liter. 
In Tubigon, Petron and Caltex sell their diesel at P41.70 while Shell sells their diesel at P41.65. 
On the average, Boholanos pay P2.00 more on a per liter basis for diesel, P.50/liter of unleaded gasoline and about P0.75 on regular gasoline per liter. 
As for the price disparity, many wonder how come fuel prices are even higher in Tagbilaran City than in Ubay town, located some 120 kilometers away. 
Ubay gasoline stations accordingly get their fuel stocks from Tagbilaran depots, sources said. (PIABohol)

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